This dog is not currently in our Rehome Program. The information in this profile is what the shelter or owners have provided to us. We have not verified this information. We are trying to schedule the evaluation but do not have enough volunteers to do so quickly. Rather than wait, we are trying to get the word out about this dog in need and will be accepting applications from interested parties.

Max is a 7.5 year old altered, long haired male who weighs 123lbs. Max is purebred and has a pedigree available.Max knows sit, stay, laydown, come, heel and give paw. He is good on the leash and friendly with men, women, children, dogs and cats. Max is housebroken and does not chew, or bark in the house (except alert barking when someone at door) Max needs to be trained to be calm and tolerant of guests as they are entering doorway. Once inside his owner reports that Max attempts to lure guests into play.


Status: Available, NOT EVALUATED

Gender: Male, neutered

Age:  7.5 y.o.

Size: 123 lbs

Color: Black and Tan

General Activity Level: medium/high

Major personality traits:  Loves to play with owners 10year old grandson

Interaction with dogs: friendly

Interaction with cats: friendly

Child requirements: friendly

Fence requirements: fence required

Leash manners: heels on leash

Degree of training needed: low/medium

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